SMMR partner meeting in Singapore

In July 2022 Conrad Richardson from the SMMR team traveled to Singapore to meet with new and existing project partners, including: Smart Cities Network_ASEANPTV Group Asia PacificOyika, and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore. The objective of the visit was to:

  • Provide an update on SMMR’s ongoing projects and plans for phase-II
  • To engage partners in the upcoming SMMR-II ‘thematic networks’ (stay tuned!)
  • To seek contributions for the next round of ASEAN-SMMR topics: (i) Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) and, (ii) Urban Freight & City Logistics.

During the visit Conrad had the opportunity to attend the PTV Group Asia Pacific partner retreat. An annual event to discuss regional challenges and opportunities, and the important role of modelling for successfully planning, appraising, and delivering complex infrastructure projects. The event brought together PTV partners from The Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, and Thailand. SMMR represented the ASEAN region with a focus on Cambodia and Lao PDR.

During the event SMMR also had the opportunity to also present, the ongoing SMMR projects, the SMMR modelling training approach, and lastly, the upcoming SMMR ‘ASEAN Smart Mobility Network’ (stay tuned!).

On behalf of the SMMR team, we would like to thank all SMMR partners for the constructive week.

We very much look forward to our continued cooperation.

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