Open Data in Urban Mobility Planning & Management

Webinar series Summary & Session Recordings

In November the ASEAN-German project “Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions in ASEAN” (SMMR) organised an ‘Open Data in Urban Mobility Webinar series’. The series comprised 4 sessions and featured presentations from 13 Open Data and Smart Mobility experts. This is summarised in the table below. The webinar sessions attracted an average of 45 participants per session from all ASEAN member states. A video recording of each session with presentation time-stamps is included at the bottom of this page.

Webinar Series Objective

The webinar series aimed to contribute towards the discussion on how ‘Open Data’ systems may assist urban mobility planning and management in metropolitan areas in the region. The discussions from the webinar series will lead to the development of a SMMR Green Paper on Open Data in Urban Mobility Planning & Management. This document will serve as a strategic orientation for decision-makers in ASEAN in implementing or refining their Open Data initiatives. The webinar series set out to:

  • enrich the understanding of participants on the concept of Open Data and related best practices through a selection of case studies,
  • share practical advice on how to introduce Open Data practices and the required frameworks,
  • provide guidance on organising and managing relevant stakeholders.

Webinar Recordings

Session 1 – What is Open Data and why governments should be interested?

0:00Introduction to the SMMR project

1:25Introduction to Open Data Alvin Mejia

3:43Open Data: Why should governments be interested? Clayton Lane

24:24Open Data: in Urban Freight TransportDr. Teresa de la Cruz

44:37Smart Mobility & Open DataJudith Owigar

59:35Outro and thank you from SMMR

Session 2 – Open Data in Action: Best Practices & Case Studies

0:00Introduction to the SMMR project

2:40Data Driven Mobility in Seoul, Rep. of KoreaDong Hoon Shin

17:12Smart Card & MaaS in cities in Chinese Taipei Dr Tsu-Jui Cheng

34:20Open Traffic Data: Collection, Selection & Visualisation ToolsDr Fotis K. Liotopolous

53:25ITS Framework implementation the Middle EastConrad Richardson

Session 3 – Open Data in Action in ASEAN

0:00Introduction to the SMMR project

1:25Open Data & Mobility: The Case of the PhilippinesDr Jose Regin Regidor

18:35Jakarta Open Data Initiatives in Urban MobilityEmir Riza

44:55LTA Data Mall: Singapore’s Land Transport Data PlatformEu Jin Toh

56:59Outro and thank you from SMMR

Session 4 – Making Open Data Work: Stakeholders, Frameworks & Financing

0:00Introduction to the SMMR project

1:27Introduction to the Webinar Kathleen Dematera

3:04Stakeholder involvement for implementing and managing an Open Data platform Dr John McCarthy

22:12Using Open Data & Global Data to assess transport in cities: the case of SDG 11.2Mirko Goletz

39:01The Asian Transport Outlook as an Open Data platform on transport in AsiaCornie Huizenga

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