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SMMR Workshop – ITS Governance for Cambodia (MPWT)

03/26/2021 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Time Description Speaker
SMMR Introduction – 45-min | 9:15-10:00
20-min Introduction to the SMMR project

Overview of SMMR project with reference to the knowledge products and how they related to ITS.

Joachim Bergerhoff
15-min Opening Remark by DG, GDLT/MPWT DG
15-min SMMR Activities in Cambodia

Overview of SMMR activities in Cambodia: LAW, HUBs workshop, IRSAQ

Sothea Kok
5-min Agenda overview

Overview of the ITS workshop agenda and objective

Conrad Richardson
ITS Introduction – 1-hour | 10:00-11:00
15-min What is ITS?

Defining ITS and presenting the key concepts

Conrad Richardson
30-min ITS use cases and case studies

ITS examples: public transport, freight transport, traffic management & monitoring, smart highway management, emergency response.

ITS case studies:

·       Singapore – Electronic Road Pricing: using ITS to manage and monitor urban traffic

·       London – Trafalgar Square queue relocation strategy using ITS and actuated traffic signals.

·      BRTpriority signalling example

·       ITS Logistics example – weigh-in-motion

*using videos and animations where ever possible

Conrad Richardson
15-min Q&A  
ITS for Cambodia – 1h15 | 11:15-12:30
25-min ITS for Phnom Penh – Problems & ITS solutions

Interactive presentation – asking the audience to identify transport-related problems in Phnom Penh/Cambodia and SMMR will provide examples of how these can be addressed using ITS.

Conrad Richardson
25-min LUMA CCTV – AI presentation

Example of how ITS solutions can be adapted to the local environment.

10-min ITS and ‘Smart Cities’

The role and limitation of ITS in creating ‘Smart Cities’. The need for effective governance and smart decision making as a precursor to implementing technology solutions.

Conrad Richardson
15-min Q&A  
LUNCH – 1h | 12:30-13:30
Enabling ITS – ITS Frameworks & Architectures | 13:30-14:45
30-min ITS Framework & Architecture

Presentation on how to enable and govern ITS through the development of an ITS Framework and Architecture, and the risk of not doing so.

Conrad Richardson
15-min ITS Operations – Control Centres & Big Data Platforms

The link between ITS and ‘Big Data Platforms’

Conrad Richardson
15-min Case study from Seoul Korea

Presentation on what a mature ITS looks like in the Asian context

*pre-recorded presentation from Dong Hoon Shin

15-min Q&A  
  COFFEE BREAK – 15-min  
  Next steps for Cambodia – 1-hour | 15:00-16:00  
15-min Next steps for Cambodia

Step-by-step overview of developing an ITS Framework and Architecture

Conrad Richardson
25-min Q&A session SMMR + Audience
20-min Closing SMMR/GDLT


9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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