Cambodia’s thoughts on Light Electric Vehicle

The smooth transition to a Light Electric Vehicle future requires an in-depth understanding of the public’s wants, needs, and desires. This ‘public information’ is vital for developing effective policies, strategies, and designs, yet it is often lacking. There is no better way to source this information than by going straight to the public. This is precisely what the SMMR project team set out to do via a series of on-street interviews and focus group discussions with:

Ride-hailing / Tuk Tuk drivers
➡️ Food delivery drivers
➡️ Students
➡️ Elderly citizen
➡️ Women
➡️ Citizens with mobility impairments

The insights from these ‘Citizen Dialogs’ will be used to support the Cambodian government  create a more enabling and attractive environment for Light Electric Vehicles.

A special thanks to EnergyLab for supporting us with the development of this activity.

Video Timestamps: 
0:36 – Introduction
1:06 – What are Light Electric Vehicles
3:32 – What is the the current state of EV in Cambodia?
5:40 – Citizen Dialog Methodology
6:59 – General findings
7:26 – Ride-hailing & Tuk Tuk drivers
10:28 – Delivery Drivers
11:29 – Students
12:40 – Elderly
14:18 – Women
15:16 – Mobility Impaired
16:56 – Conclusion

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